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Height Adjustable Desk Kits

Pre-Assembled, Single-Motor Adjustable Desk  | TEK50 - TiMOTION

The TEK50 is an elegant, single-motor, two-stage desk frame, expertly crafted for the budget conscious. Featuring an adjustable frame width, the TEK50 inherits our convenient pre-assembled design for effortless assembly. Specifically engineered to be lightweight with compact packaging, the economically priced TEK50 is a consummate solution for entry-level electric height adjustable desking.

Caratteristiche Generali

  • Carico massimo: 80kg

  • Velocità: Colonna a 2 stadi: 33mm/s

  • Tipo del struttura: Preassembled Single Motor Desk Frame

  • Peso dell'imballo: 25kg

  • Potenza in standby: <0.1W

  • Accessori: Spindle hood cover

  • Anti-Collision Protection

  • Perfect solution for an entry-level, height-adjustable frame

  • Pre-assembled frame kit – Quick and effortless assembly

  • Compact and light weight packaging

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