Height Adjustable Desk Kits

Height Adjustable Desk  | TEK17

The TEK17 is a single column desk frame with a solid top and base.
The compact size makes it ideal to be placed in a coffee corner, visitor area or quick meeting place. Various shapes and adjustable heights are available for interior designers to plan space with flexibility.

Caratteristiche Generali

  • Maximum Load: 70kg

  • Constant Speed: 3 stage column 36mm/s 2 stage column 31mm/s
  • Weight of TEK17 Package: 27Kg* 
  • Accessories (optional): Enhanced anti-collision feature with t-touch, TWC, TFA1/3
  • Low Standby Power: <0.1W
  • Multiple column and control options High strength and stability -Steel construction

  • *The actual weight of package may vary due to customer’s selection of components.

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