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Actuator Control Box For Ergonomic Applications | TC15F - TiMOTION

The TC15F control box is specifically designed for a variety of ergonomic height-adjustable applications. Incorporating solid-state circuitry, the TC15F provides seamless and quiet operation, eliminating any relay clicks. Experience instantaneous button responses, delivering an exceptional user experience with smooth, uninterrupted, movements. Elevate your workspace with the TC15F for enhanced operational precision and unparalleled ergonomic performance.

Caracterísiticas Generales

  • Número de actuadores: 1~2

  • Número de controles manuales: 1

  • Voltaje máximo: 32V DC, 12A

  • Batería de reserva: Batería externa

  • Opciones: Supports built-in t-touch/ Bluetooth and external battery

  • Tensión de entrada: 100~240V AC (SMPS)

  • Tipo de transformador incorporado: SMPS

  • Tipo de enchufe: UE, EE.UU., AUS, REINO UNIDO o JPN

  • Color: Negro

  • Rango de temperatura de trabajo: +5°C~+45°C

  • 0,1W de consumo energético en stand-by

  • Diseño compacto para mesas de altura regulable

Dimensiones estándar (mm)


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