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The TFA6 is a USB-C fast charger supporting a 70W total power output. Specifically designed to quickly charge a variety of USB devices at their maximum supported speed, it’s an ideal accessory to any laptop, tablet, and smart phone. With one USB-C port (60W) and one USB-A port (10W), the TFA6 can accommodate charging of multiple devices. Connecting directly to the control box of the height adjustable desk, the TFA6 simplifies your desktop by requiring no additional power outlet and cables. Multiple mounting options deliver a personalized user experience all while keeping a neat desktop.

Caracterísiticas Generales

  • USB-C fast charger

  • PD 3.0, QC3.0

  • USB-C output:
    20V-3A (60W max)

  • USB-A output:
    5V-2A (10W max)

  • USB-A + USB-C output:
    60W+10W (70W max)

  • Pop-up design

  • Multiple mounting options

Dimensiones estándar (mm)


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