TiMOTION Announces Another Scholarship Award!


TiMOTION is proud to announce another recipient of our Engineering and Excellence Scholarship Award! We are offering a scholarship award to Alyssa Tice, a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University. Alyssa is pursuing a computer science degree in hopes of becoming a software engineer upon graduation. She has a passion for technology and understanding the world around her. Additionally, Alyssa takes an active role in organizations on campus, such as the Association of Women in Computing. Congratulations to Alyssa on all her accomplishments thus far!


TiMOTION has one more scholarship to award this year. We are continually reviewing all applications that have been submitted over the course of the year. Your application will be reviewed every round, regardless of when it was submitted. Therefore, the earlier you submit your application, the more chances you have to be selected.


For more information regarding application requirements and eligibility, please see our Scholarship Program’s rules outlined here

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