Brand New TiMOTION Ergo Website Has Launched


November 1, 2017- TiMOTION has launched TiMOTION Ergo, a website specifically for TiMOTION’s ergonomic desk frame kit solutions.  We offer complete and innovative height adjustable desk frame solutions to fit the unique needs of global manufacturers.

Visitors can customize and visualize a workstation in seconds with the easy to use Pick and Build feature. Starting with the classic TEK01, visitors have a wide variety of columns, end pipes, feet, and convertible covers to choose from.

Utilize the favorites list, to save personalized preferences. Additionally, any questions about products or customizations can be quickly and easily submitted through the online inquiry system.

Visit TiMOTION Ergo today for a healthier working environment tomorrow. Happy designing!


This mobile site is designed for compatibility with iOS 8.0+ or Android 5.0+ devices.