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Have a question about what we do and who we are? Here are the most frequently asked questions from our consumers.


  1. Do you have standard off the shelf products?
    • We do have standard options for each of our products, however every actuator is customized to each of our customers based on their product needs.


  1. MOQ's (Minimum Order Quantity)?
    • Each of our clients is required to order at least 100 units from our factory. We do offer smaller quantities if the production of the product is local.


  1. What are your lead times?
    • Typically, our lead times range from about 10-12 weeks. We do have options to air ship at the customers expense.


  1. Are you able to provide feedback in your products?


  1. What is your longest stroke?
    • The longest stroke for our linear actuators is typically one meter. This has the potential to increase with applications that have low loads.


  1. Can you provide controls?


  1. Are your products UL certified?
    • The majority our products are UL certified. We make sure our products go through the proper outside testing in order to receive that certification.  



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