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TiMOTION Europe becomes an official partner of Paracycling!


Aware that practicing a sport can lead to social integration, we act to make it accessible to all with the conviction that solidarity and co-construction lie at the heart of a better future.

Tolerance, respect, perseverance, honor, and courage are amongst many other values embodied by the sports world and are amplified by athletes affected by a motor or sensory disability.

Particularly flexible, Paracycling allows each licensee, regardless of his or her disability, to meet the needs of independence, freedom, fulfillment, and self-improvement.


This extraordinary versatility makes it a vibrant and accessible sport while allowing athletes to shine through national and international competitions and the Paralympic Games.

Each day, our innovations, ability to listen, adaptability, and the various medical adjustable equipment created from TiMOTION and our Customer's cooperation make it possible to improve the everyday lives of people with disabilities.


Today, we support these high-level athletes and their teams through a more solidarity-based approach to promote the values of inclusion, cohesion, and collaboration.


Our financial participation will notably allow us to:


  • Support the groupings of the French teams

  • Contribute financially to "young" regional internships to identify new potential athletes and offer them practice training

  • Help with equipment purchases


TiMOTION is proud to be part of the adventure of supporting all disabled cycling athletes!

We are proud to be the official partner of Paracycling!


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