TiMOTION Europe’s Work Training Opportunity (Evan)

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During the year 2017, TiMOTION Europe extended an internship opportunity to students that allowed them to earn real-life work experience and the skills necessary for future business opportunities. They were able to take the concepts and training they’ve learned in their academic careers and apply it to their internship roles for the duration of their time with TiMOTION.

As each intern ends his or her time, they reflected on the ways in which the experience shaped their ideas regarding their future professions and the working world in general. 


A report by Evan Kervargant:


Hello everyone!


My name is Evan Kervargant. I am currently a business school student. I was looking for a summer internship in marketing because it is my favorite school subject. I applied to TiMOTION Europe by sending my CV and a cover letter. Shortly after, the company offered me an internship for 2 months.


My job duties were widely varied. I worked in close collaboration with Asia, Germany, and also the United States. I was in charge of analyzing the market and competitors. I helped to organize fairs, translate documents in English to French, and develop the new multi-language website.


I have met some great people during my time here. They were very helpful and open to giving advice whenever I needed it. Everybody tries to make you feel comfortable and have a good time together. I have felt very involved and dedicated in the work that everyone is doing.


I would like to thank the company and the marketing department for the very professionally enriching experience. This internship made me realize that I want to continue in this field.


Best regards 





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