This One Thing Can Make or Break Your Movie Theater Experience

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Who doesn’t love going to the movie theater? There’s something about the smell of buttery popcorn and the overall ambiance that makes that film you’ve been dying to see just that much better. It’s a chance to escape from reality and be entertained for a couple of hours. However, as any dedicated moviegoer knows all too well, there is one factor that can make or break a theater experience. That would be the quality of the seating. When you buy a movie ticket, you are paying not only for the actual movie but for the experience as a whole. Improper seating equipment can put a huge damper on the experience. There’s nothing worse than paying upwards of $15 for a ticket, only to be uncomfortable for the duration of the film. Fortunately, an increasing number of movie theaters are incorporating ergonomically designed, adjustable seats in an effort to provide customers with ideal theater experience. These ergonomic solutions would not be possible without actuation equipment.


An electric linear actuator within a recliner chair provides precise adjustment for the moviegoer by simply pushing a button. Whether they want to remain in an upright seated position or transition to a laying position, an actuator makes this possible. If you’ve ever lamented the fact that the person in front of you is blocking your view (who hasn’t??), this technology will allow you to correct the issue without having an awkward conversation with your neighbor. It also helps keep you from cramps that could result from staying in one position the whole time. 

Obviously, due to the nature of a movie theater environment, flexibility is a necessity. The chairs must be designed to accommodate people of all sizes: short, tall, petite, overweight. This is why the actuators must have a high load capacity and range of motion. Below are just a few solutions from our Comfort Motion line that fit perfectly within theater seating:


The TA6 actuator has a right angle design that reduces noise and can fit into most applications.


The TA14 functions as a direct cut system, eliminating the need for a control box.


Inconspicuous and sleek, the TFH2 control has a backlight and can be embedded directly into the recliner.



These actuation solutions make your movie theater experience drastically better. So next time you have the privilege of relaxing in a wonderfully designed, comfortable seat, you now know the technology behind it! Have you ever had a bad or good experience with movie theater seating? We would love to hear your comments! 

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