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It is summertime!

And with summertime comes a lot of fun activities like enjoying a day at the pool, boating on the lake, and so much more!


Whether you realize it or not, electric linear actuators are present in many of your summertime activities!


See how electric linear actuators contribute to summertime fun:



With the summertime heat, there is nothing better than catching some shade. One of the easiest ways to make that happen is with linear actuator technology. Pergolas allow you to embrace the sun when wanted and block it when its time to cool down from the summer heat.


The TA16 linear actuator is an excellent choice for pergola applications. This actuator is designed for low noise applications that require a compact linear actuator. Not only that, but this linear actuator comes with the option to add IP66 protection and Hall Sensors for position feedback. Your linear actuator is protected from water and other debris, making it a great choice to keep your pergola working year-round.


Pool Lifts

Pool lifts are an excellent resource for those with limited mobility. These tools allow for easy access both in and out of the pool so everyone can join in the summer fun!

These resources require reliable technology to ensure the safety of both the user and the operator. With the combination of our TA23 actuator, TC12 control box, and the TH24 handset, your pool lift can easily move a person from one point to another. The TA23 features an IP rating of up to IP66W and also has the option for a manual or quick release system and Hall or Reed feedback sensors. The TC12 control box provides plenty of power to comfortably transfer an individual from one location to another safely. Not only that, but its option for an emergency stop button is a great choice for a pool lift as well. Lastly, the TH24 handset is customizable with a max of six buttons and the ability to control between one and three actuators.


Deck Covers

Deck covers are an excellent way to get out of that summer heat while still enjoying the outdoors. With the push of a button, on our TH3 handset, it is easy to get out of the sun on a hot summer day. The TA2P linear actuator is an excellent choice for deck covers. This linear actuator is compact and works well in outdoor environments. With the ability to handle loads up to 3500N (787 pounds), your deck cover will easily open and close on hot summer days.



There is nothing more fun during the summer than enjoying a day out on the lake. With advancements in boating technology, a day on the lake has been completely transformed.

With our TVL3, you can have a television on your yacht that can be moved up when in use and down when you want to put it away to enjoy some time swimming. The MA1 linear actuator is an excellent choice for adjustable seating on the yacht, and our TL3 is the perfect choice of lifting column for adjustable tables that won’t get ruined by water and other debris due to its IP rating of IP69K.


So go out and enjoy a technology-enhanced summer!


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