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Hello Emily, can you introduce yourself?

Hello! I’m Emily Pilache, 19 years old. I would describe myself as curious, cheerful, and hardworking.


What is your life path?

I am an engineering student at INSA Lyon (entering 3rd year of a 5-year program). I’ve almost completed a month and a half summer internship in the production department at TIMOTION Europe.


Why did you apply at TiMOTION Europe?

I was looking for a summer job related to mechanics given that I’m going to specialize in this field next year, so I figured working with electric actuators would give me a great experience.


What are your tasks?

I mainly prepare manufacturing files. I first check the feasibility of both the technical and material aspects of the orders. Then I create the bills of materials needed and update them in the ERP (software that allows you to manage on a daily basis all the information and operational processes of a company).  After that, I send recaps to the sales administration department.

I also generate manufacturing orders in the ERP and help out at the after-sales service now and then.  All of those tasks enable me to gain more independence and broaden my knowledge of electrical actuators.


What do you like about TiMOTION Europe?

Friendliness, team spirit, and organization are the three aspects of TIMOTION Europe that I like the most. All the employees that I came across were open-minded and very approachable, even the ones I didn’t directly work with. The production team welcomed and integrated me right away, being kind, attentive, and available to answer all my questions. They showed strong cohesion and a team-oriented spirit, which was very enjoyable. The organization allows a lot of autonomy, which enables one to broaden his or her knowledge beyond the tasks of the job description.

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