Electric Linear Actuators in Marine Vessels

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The increase in demand for automation uses in marine vessels is a sure sign to manufacturers that they must provide durable solutions that can withstand such an environment. There are many different uses for linear actuators within boats, yachts, and other sea vessels. These can be either interior or exterior uses, cosmetic or functional. In this paper, we will explore these diverse uses, and discover how TiMOTION products can provide comprehensive solutions within a marine environment.


The exterior of a boat or yacht can be transformed by the use of actuation. Everything from doors to windows to ladders can benefit from this technology. Additionally, actuation can help improve one of the most important parts of a sea vessel: the engine. Electric linear actuators provide a reliable lift on an engine hatch, allowing easy access to the heart of the vessel.


Besides benefitting the engine, electric linear actuators also provide other functional uses. They can make the mast of the ship collapsible, which makes it easy for the ship to port or pass underneath bridges that would otherwise obstruct them. Instead of making this a manual effort, it saves valuable time and energy to automate the process. They can also provide movement for the bow thruster, making the vessel easier to maneuver. Additionally, they help make the process of valve regulation smoother.


Electric linear actuators are also responsible for providing luxury touches within a marine vessel. They provide motion within TV lifts, allowing them to be stored away while not in use. They can also customize certain furniture. For example, chair actuators, couch actuators, and recliner actuators allow users to adjust to their optimal comfort level.



Various boat actuators that are appropriate for the marine industry:


Our MA series actuators are ideal solutions for applications requiring durability and a long life cycle, such as within a marine environment. The MA1 is rated for up to 4500N, with even higher loads available upon request. It has an IP69K rating. Additionally, the MA2 provides support of up to 8000N and has a high protection level against water and dust corrosion, due to its IP69K rating. It would be ideal for an engine hatch cover, whether a single or dual lift option.



The JP3 and JP4 are also great options for a marine environment, given that they are IP69K linear actuators. They are inline actuators, and support loads from 500N – 4500N. They are designed for smaller spaces, making them a great fit for compact applications on any marine vessel.



Both the TA2 and the TA2P are compact, robust, and capable of performing well in certain outdoor environments. They are durable linear actuators with feedback sensors and limit switches. The TA2 supports loads up to 1000N, while the TA2P is capable of supporting loads up to 3500N. They are also a good fit in applications such as engine hatch covers.



The TA16 actuator is similar to the TA2 but is specifically designed for low-noise applications in compact spaces. It supports loads up to 3500N and is available with optional IP66 protection. Some marine applications that would be supported by the TA16 include engine hatches, radar arches, and bathing platforms. 



The TL17 lifting column is an ideal product for making the furniture on your marine vessel height adjustable. It provides seamless automatic movement for tables and chairs, adding to the luxury and functionality of the vessel. Additionally, it was designed to provide a high degree of stability, which is essential for boats of any kind.



Our TVL3 series columns make excellent TV lift actuators. They are steel-constructed, available in three sizes, and can be programmed via remote control. Due to the ease of use and sleek design, they can be used within a boat or yacht to camouflage bulky electronics while not in use.





These are just a few of our product offerings for the marine industry. We are constantly updating and innovating our products to meet our customer’s needs. Our vertically integrated business model means that we can provide a high level of customization and quality. For more information on TiMOTION’s products, visit our website or contact a member of our sales team.  

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