Thank you for contacting TiMOTION.

We appreciate you contacting TiMOTION Technology, Inc. regarding a single-unit component.
Unfortunately, we do not provide any replacement spare parts to end users at this time. 

TiMOTION works exclusively with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). 
Therefore, we do NOT stock, distribute, or sell any single-unit products. 
Everything we sell is made to order, often with specific software programs, according to our customers application needs.


For questions, replacements, or to purchase a single-unit component, it is REQUIRED that you contact the manufacturer of your specific application. The equipment manufacturer is responsible for diagnosing the root cause of any technical issue or failure and offering a replacement or purchase options covered in their product warranty.



Do you still need help?


1. Trouble shooting, technical questions, and/or product ordering.
Please see our FAQ
2. How do I find the manufacturer of my finished application?
Please look for other labels, embossing, or logos on the equipment you purchased (ex: recliner, height adjustable desk, nursing home bed…etc.). They usually indicate the name of the manufacturer of your equipment. 


3. What if I cannot find any indication of who made the finished application?
If there is no visible label, embossing, or logo of the manufacturer, please try contacting the retailer or seller where you purchased the equipment.


4. Questions regarding a height adjustable desk? 
To look for memory setting procedures or desk reset assistance, please see our troubleshooting manual


Please contact your specific product manufacturer or location of purchase for further assistance. Thank you.

TiMOTION Technology
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