兩節式手動升降桌框組 | TEK08S - TiMOTION

The TEK08S is a manually operated height adjustable desk frame featuring a simplified and lightweight design. This two-leg, manual crank solution is an economical option within TiMOTION’s selection of electric-powered adjustable desk frames. The TEK08S is aesthetically the same as the TEK08; both are energy savers that require zero power. The TEK08S is excellent for price-sensitive markets, like home office applications.


  • 最大負載:80kg*

  • 速度:導程: 3或9mm/手轉一圈

  • 桌框型式:手動式升降桌框

  • 一套包裝重量:29kg*

  • 整體強度及穩定度高

  • 利用可收納的手搖裝置調整桌子升降高度- 握把材質有木頭、金屬及塑膠三種選項

  • *实际将依所选规格而有所差异

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