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Two-Stage Slim Inline Lifting Column | TL37S Series- TiMOTION

TiMOTION’s TL37S is a two-stage, inline lifting column with a rectangular-profile featuring a slim appearance all while maintaining a high degree of stability. Without any protruding motor housing, it is ideally suited for ergonomic monitor stands, desk applications, or design-oriented motion furniture that require a clean, elegant appearance.

Recursos gerais

  • Carga máxima: 700N (impulso)

  • Velocidade máxima com carga máxima: 35mm/s

  • Velocidade máxima sem carga: 44mm/s

  • Comprimento mínimo de encolhimento: Padrão: 645mm; com patins: 665mm

  • Dimensão do tubo externo: 90*60mm retangular

  • Estágio: 2 estágios

  • Curso: 430mm

  • Saídas de sinal: Sensores Hall

  • Tensão máxima do motor: 24V DC

  • Cor: Preto, branco, cinza, especial cinza

  • Coluna em linha

Standard Dimension (mm)


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