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Lifting Column For Heavy-Duty Workstations | TL15H - TiMOTION

TiMOTION’s TL15H is one of the heavy-duty lifting columns of our Ergo Motion product line. Each TL15H elevates up to 120kg with a smooth and steady movement. This lifting column is suitable for consoles, workbenches, industrial workstations, heavy tabletops, and other heavy loading applications. It is also compatible with the control box for the Ergo Motion and TEK series. 

Recursos gerais

  • Carga máxima: 1 200 N (impulso)

  • Self-locking force: 1 200 N

  • Velocidade máxima com carga máxima: 22mm/s

  • Velocidade máxima sem carga: 28mm/s

  • Comprimento mínimo de encolhimento: Padrão: 645mm; com patins: 665mm

  • Dimensão do tubo externo: 80*60mm retangular

  • Estágio: 2 estágios

  • Curso: 500mm

  • Saídas de sinal: Sensores Hall

  • Tensão máxima do motor: 24V DC

  • Cor: Preto, branco, cinza, cor especial

  • Com carcaça de motor

Standard Dimension (mm)


New Lifting Column H Series For Heavy-Load Workstations

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