Electric Actuator Solutions for Balers

A baler is an agricultural device that compresses hay into compact bales, making them easier to handle, transport, and store. The most common type of baler in industrialized countries today is the round baler; it typically rolls and wraps hay into large cylinder-shaped bales, which are optimal for ventilated storage and are generally less sensitive to weather conditions than conventional rectangular bales.

In addition, a bale wrapper could be used to wrap round bales in plastic wrappings, allowing the hay within to keep its moisture, properly ferment without any contact with air, and become fodder that will feed cattle, horses, goats, as well as other livestock that need large quantities of food.

With TiMOTION electric linear actuators, round balers can work even more smoothly and effectively. Whether rolling the hay using rubberized belts or fixed rollers or wrapping the bale in netting or twine, our actuators can help optimize the operation and enhance the baler’s performance throughout the entire process.

Powerful and Durable Solutions

Wrapping cut and raked crops into bales is no easy task. Balers require powerful and durable solutions to adjust the net or twine wrapping system within, ensuring the bales are properly compressed and the efficiency of the whole operation is maximized.

TiMOTION linear actuators are an exceptional choice for baler application. With an optional IP rating of up to IP69K, they are specifically designed to withstand environments exposed to humidity, mud, and unpredictable weather, while carrying out their duty reliably and productively.

Intelligent Operation, Incredible Flexibility

Depending on the usage, balers can come in different sizes or be equipped with varying features and thus requiring a certain degree of flexibility regarding the selection of actuators. TiMOTION specializes in tailor-made customization, which means that a wide variety of options can be promptly adjusted to satisfy the needs of diverse baler designs.

Specific TiMOTION actuators offer a T-Smart version that is compatible with the vehicle bus SAE J1939, making it possible for them to be easily integrated into existing systems and providing a high level of control and real-time status monitoring.

Environmentally Friendly, Maintenance-Free Alternative

TiMOTION electric linear actuators are an ideal alternative to traditional hydraulic cylinders since they completely eliminate oil-leak problems that lead to tedious repairs, as well as remove the need for extensive and complex systems, making installation simpler and troubleshooting easier.

Environmentally friendly and requiring practically zero maintenance, TiMOTION actuators greatly enhance the performance of balers, render the transport and storage process safer and more efficient, and ensure that livestock can always readily enjoy a healthy meal.

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