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Maximum Powered, Heavy-Duty Industrial Electric Linear Actuator | MA3 - TiMOTION

TiMOTION’s MA3 is the most powerful actuator in the MA series that affords a maximum 16000N force (push/pull). It was specifically designed for heavy-duty applications and harsh working environments that require durability. Examples of applications suitable for the MA3: Agricultural equipment such as spreaders, harvesters, grain handlers, combines, and tractors. Commercial and industrial applications such as commercial lawn mowers, scrubbers and sweepers, and material handling equipment.

Algemene kenmerken

  • Max. belasting: 16,000N (push/pull)

  • Max. snelheid bij maximale belasting: 4.8mm/s

  • Max. snelheid in onbelaste toestand: 172.5mm/s

  • Ingetrokken lengte: ≥ Stroke + 200mm

  • IP klasse: IP69K

  • Certificaat: UL73, EMC

  • Slag: 25~1000mm

  • Uitgangssignalen: Hall sensors, POT, Reed switch on the outer tube

  • Motorspanning: 12/24V DC; 12/24V DC (thermal control)

  • Bedrijfstemperatuurbereik Operationeel temperatuurbereik: -40˚C~ +85˚C

  • Temperatuurbereik op vol vermogen: +5°C~+45°C

Standard Dimension (mm)


MA Series Industrial Linear Actuators

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