Electric Actuator Solutions for Screen and TV Lifts

The digital age has profoundly changed our communities and approach to information, communication, learning, and leisure. With equipment becoming increasingly digital, TVs, (interactive) screens, and boards are present in most areas of our daily lives. However, the traditional way of displaying these devices is on a table or stand. While this setup works well, it can take up a lot of space, and it is not very aesthetically pleasing. That's where monitor/TV lifts come in, and the benefits of equipping them with electric actuation systems cannot be overstated.
The primary benefit of equipping monitor/TV lifts with electric actuation systems is convenience. With the press of a button, you can raise or lower your monitor/TV, making it easy to adjust the viewing angle or hide the device when not in use. This is especially useful in situations where space is limited, such as in apartments, offices, or conference rooms. 
Another benefit of electric actuation systems is safety. When you manually adjust a monitor/TV lift, there is always the risk of injury, especially if the device is heavy or difficult to move. With an electric actuation system, you can raise or lower your monitor/TV with ease, reducing the risk of injury.
Finally, electric actuation systems are more efficient, reliable, and precise than manual ones. When you manually adjust a monitor/TV lift, it can take a lot of time and effort, which can be frustrating, especially if you need to make frequent adjustments. With an electric actuation system, you can quickly and easily adjust your monitor/TV, freeing up time and energy for other tasks.
TiMOTION is a leading provider of electric actuation systems for screen/TV lifts. Our products are designed with a focus on quality, reliability, and convenience. Here are some of the features and advantages of TiMOTION's solutions:

Total Solutions for Screen/ TV Lifts

TiMOTION is committed to this evolution by offering a series of electric linear actuators and lifting columns with a wide range of force, speed, stroke, size, and style to lift, tilt, or push different types of screens, TVs, and even projectors:

  • Height Adjustable Screen Lifts

  • Pop-up TV lifts

  • Push-out TV mount

  • Monitor lifts for computer training tables

  • Projector Lifts

Complete and Customized Lifting Column Series

With a vertically integrated business model, TiMOTION is able to provide complete and highly customized lifting columns with sturdy and smooth movement to satisfy each screen and TV lift application:

  • Force: Up to 200kg

  • Speed: Up to 80mm/s

  • Strokes: Up to 980mm

  • High bending movement

  • Low noise

High Connectivity and Safety

With high connectivity, TiMOTION's electric lifting columns and electric linear actuators can easily integrate and connect with your screens or TV systems and provide smooth and quiet movement for your equipment.

Moreover, our anti-collision system allows the electric height adjustable desk to be stopped in the event of contact with a foreign element (object, person). It provides enhanced safety to your electric height-adjustable desk and prevents user injury or equipment damage. It can be integrated easily into the control system and does not require any additional hardware upgrades.

Remote Control Options

TiMOTION offers flexible control options for the screen/TV Lifts, including wireless control solutions, allowing you to adjust your monitor/TV lift from anywhere in the room.

  • One-on-one solution: The most common solution for screen/TV Lifts at home and office.

  • One-to-many solution: It is designed for screen/TV Lifts in the educational area, especially computer training tables.

Equipping monitor/TV lifts with electric actuation systems has many benefits, including convenience, safety, and efficiency. TiMOTION's solutions are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, customizable electric actuation system for their screen/TV lift. With TiMOTION's products, you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of an electric screen/TV lift while knowing that your device is safe and reliable.

Contact our global team today to find the tailor-made solution for your screen and TV lift project!

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