Two-Stage Slim Square Lifting Column | TL38SR - TiMOTION

TL38SR is a two-stage, inverted inline column. Constructed with a square profile, it features a slim appearance, all while maintaining a high degree of stability. Without any protruding motor housing, it is ideally suited for ergonomic monitor stands, side tables, or design-oriented lifting furniture that requires a clean, elegant appearance.

Caractéristiques Générales

  • Charge maximale: 700N (poussée)

  • Vitesse maximale à pleine charge: 35mm/s

  • Vitesse maximale sans charge: 44mm/s

  • Longueur rétractée minimale: 590mm

  • Dimension du tube extérieur: 63.5*63.5mm carré

  • Nombre de sections: 2 sections, retourné

  • Course: 650mm

  • Signaux de sortie: Capteurs à effet Hall

  • Tension: 24V DC

  • Couleur: Noir, blanc, gris ou gris spécial

  • Colonne en ligne

  • Inverted structure

Dimensions standards (mm)


Applications Associées

TiMOTION Electric Actuator Solutions for Screen and TV Lifts

Elévateurs d'écrans et de TV

TiMOTION Electric Actuator Solutions for Lecterns and Podiums-02

Lecterns and Podiums

    An electric lifting column consists of an electric actuator integrated with a telescopic tube. The actuator provides the push and pull, while the telescopic tube provides the guidance. TiMOTION lifting column series offers reliable vertical movement and allows height adjustment of many industrial, medical, workplace and comfort equipment.


    TiMOTION revolutionizes ergonomic solutions with an extensive range of lifting columns, catering to diverse needs. Our lifting column systems are available with columns that include:

    • Motor housing columns
    • Inline columns: Without any protruding motor housing, it is ideally suited for various design-oriented applications that requires a clean, elegant appearance.

    For desk applications, TiMOTION offers a specialized series of lifting columns designed to meet specific requirements.

    • Basic series (TL-S) is ideal for standard applications, providing a reliable and efficient lifting solution.
    • Light-load series (TL-K) is tailored for situations where a lighter lifting capacity is needed, offering precision and ease of use.
    • Heavy-load series (TL-H) is engineered to handle robust lifting tasks, ensuring durability and stability.

    Whether you seek a streamlined design or a lifting column with varying load capacities, TiMOTION's diverse offerings empower you to customize your lifting applications with cutting-edge ergonomic solutions.

    Electric lifting columns allow the automated adjustment of equipment from any sector, to adapt them to users and their specific needs of size, age, and mobility. Equipment utilizing electric columns bring users comfort and safety while optimizing time and efficiency. That's why they are found in most everyday equipment, regardless of the application:

    • Healthcare: hospital beds, medical chairs, hospital tables and carts, ophthalmological equipment, examination equipment ...
    • Industry: heavy-load lifting applications
    • Workspace: sit-stand desks, workstations, laboratory benches, control stations, display units...
    • Home: kitchen equipment, TV lifts, cabinets, desks...

    The main features of TiMOTION lifting columns include quiet and precise height adjustment and a sturdy design. These columns offer easy installation, high compatibility, and a diverse range of force, speed, stroke length, output signal options, IP rating, and so on, making them versatile solutions for desks, ergonomic furniture, and healthcare equipment applications.

    TiMOTION lifting columns come in diverse profiles, such as 2-stage or 3-stage designs, and various shapes: round, rectangular, or square. These profiles offer flexibility in adapting to specific applications, providing adjustable height solutions for desks, ergonomic furniture, and healthcare equipment applications.

    It is important to select the appropriate lifting columns that can meet the requirements of the application. Every application has a list of unavoidable conditions. To choose the right lifting column, you must first consider your application's constraints and technical priorities:

    • Required height adjustment range
    • Load capacity and speed
    • Available space for installation
    • Profile that complements your product's design, whether it's a 2-stage or 3-stage column, round, rectangular, or square.
    • Other customization needs: IP rating, signal options, color options...

    With a vertically integrated business model, TiMOTION offers highly customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of various applications, ensuring that the integration of electric linear actuation is seamless and efficient.

    TiMOTION travaille exclusivement avec les fabricants d'équipements d'origine (FEOs). Par conséquent, nous ne stockons, ne distribuons ni ne vendons aucun produit à l'unité.

    Pour toute question, remplacement ou achat d'un composant individuel TiMOTION, il est nécessaire de contacter le fabricant de votre équipement spécifique. Les composants sont souvent couverts par leur garantie et peuvent être disponibles en stock pour une distribution à l'unité.

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