Kits pour bureaux à hauteur ajustable

Height Adjustable Desk  | TEK03

The TEK03 series consists of two independent desks that are linked as one module: two height adjustable frames are connected while facing one another, acting as a well-suited option for open office floorplans. This electric frame kit solution is very strong and stable, and the frame itself is constructed of steel, and each height adjustable frame can lift a maximum load of 120kg.

Caractéristiques générales

  • Max. load : 100kg or 120kg* (per frame) 

  • Constant Speed: 3 Stage Column 40mm/s, 2 Stage Column 33mm/s

  • Frame orientation: Face to Face; 2 independent desks linked as one module

  • Weight of TEK03 Package: 70Kg*
  • Accessories: USB Chargers: TFA1/3, Anti-Collision Sensor: TCS1, Wireless Chargers: TWC
  • Low Standby Power: <0.1W
  • Multiple column and control options
  • High strength and stability – Steel construction

  • Pre-assembled frame kit (each side) - Significantly reduces installation time

  • *It varies upon the selection of components.

  • *The complete TEK03 package includes 2 sets of TEK01 package and one set of side beam.

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