Kits pour bureaux à hauteur ajustable

Height Adjustable Desk  | TEK23

TEK23 is an economic height adjustable desk frame with two motors. With the single crossbar structure design, TEK23 allows you to own an inexpensive sit-stand desk while still providing stability and strength. The fixed 1160mm frame width is suitable for most common 1200mm desktops. TEK23 is also suitable for all the TL series columns, and you can enjoy all the electronic features as well by selecting the matching control box and handset. TEK23 is your best choice for an economic, two leg, height adjustable desk solution.

Caractéristiques générales

  • Charge maximale: 100kg

  • Vitesse constante: 3 Stage Column: 38mm/s, 2 Stage Column: 31mm/s

  • Orientation du cadre: Rectangulaire

  • Poids du colis: 28.3kg*

  • Tension de veille: <0.1W

  • Accessories (optional): Enhanced anti-collision feature with t-touch, TFA1/3, TWC
  • Multiple control options
  • High strength and stability – Steel construction
  • Semi-Preassembled – Motor and control box are mounted within the frame

  • *Varie en fonction du choix des composants

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