TBB8: A Compact Detachable Battery for Furniture Applications

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The TiMOTION TBB8 is an innovative detachable battery. Specifically designed for furniture applications such as recliners, adjustable sofas, or couches, its compact size allows you to save space in your equipment.


The design trend for recliners is changing. The manufacturers want a smaller design not only because it saves space but also because it looks nicer. That’s why it’s now important to get the relevant equipment.


This compact detachable battery allows users to manage their position without having any electric connection or visible cables. The equipment remains aesthetically pleasing. This battery is detachable and provides a real improvement for users: they can easily remove the battery to recharge it or simply change it when the battery is at the end of its life cycle.


To get more information about our TBB8, please contact your local office.

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