Lineaire actuators

TiMOTION’s TA43 is a compact but power linear actuator for furniture applications

TiMOTION’s TA43 linear actuator can fulfill a manufacturer’s seating requirement for small installation dimensions. Although small, this linear actuator provides great force. The compact design is merely 100mm, with a maximum stroke length of 300mm, yet can withstand a maximum pressure of 4000N. Under no load conditions, the TA43 provides smooth and powerful seating adjustments at 12.1mm/second.

Algemene kenmerken

  • Aantal actuators: 1~5
  • Maximaal aantal knoppen: 12
  • Kleur:wit, grijs
  • IP-beschermingsgraad: Tot IP66W
  • Opties: achtergrondverlichting, veiligheidssleutel, bevestigingshaak

Standard Dimension (mm)


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