Improving Comfort Of Indoor Spaces With Electric Actuators And Columns

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Comfort is born from the evolution of society. Sedentarisation of populations, industrialization, and the development of furniture form the foundation of the notion of comfort. Originally considered a sign of social distinction, it quickly became necessary to ensure a minimum standard of living in emerging modern societies.

Comfort equipment production has gradually contributed to the development of today's economy and material civilization. With ever-increasing demand, they have gone from simple furniture to high-tech equipment, automated by electric actuators and associated accessories. 

Today, comfort is defined as a state of physical and material ease and represents functional, pleasant, and obstacle-free well-being. The comfort industry began at home, then gradually spread to public places as a real competitive business advantage.


Automated comfort equipment for better ergonomics...



...in the house

Ergonomics is a central topic in our society and places ever-increasing demands on equipment manufacturers. Consumers want furniture that adapts to their specific size, age, and mobility, for modular living spaces that fit everyone.

Electric actuators and columns make it possible to design such equipment while bringing comfort and adaptability to all rooms in the home.


Recliners and lift chairs

Electric actuators can fit recliners to give them different adjustment options: headrest and leg rest adjustment or backrest tilt. They also allow for specific chair designs like lift chairs - with easy height adjustments for people with reduced mobility (such as the elderly or obese).


Recliners and lift chairs


Adjustable worktops and kitchen furniture

Electric actuators and columns allow any type of kitchen equipment to be adjusted in height and make it easily accessible to everyone in the house. Hoods, wall units, and worktops can adjust to users' height requirements and allow them to adopt a comfortable and more ergonomic posture. They bring more versatility and mobility to spaces by transforming any type of worktop into a dining table or bar top.


Adjustable worktops and kitchen furniture


Adjustable bathroom and toilet furniture

Just like in the kitchen, adjustable bathrooms and toilet furniture are easier to use for everyone in the house (like children and adults), but also provide better safety and comfort for the elderly or people with reduced mobility.


Adjustable bathroom and toilet furniture


Relaxation beds

Relaxation beds are becoming increasingly popular. Besides making seating and installation easier for people with reduced mobility, they offer a higher level of comfort and sleep improvement. Adjustable backrests or leg rests allow users to adopt an ergonomic posture conducive to relaxation and falling asleep


Relaxation beds


Adjustable or recessed screens

Electric columns allow screens to be adjusted in height and integrated into the design of a room by embedding them into a piece of furniture. This way, the screen only appears when it is needed and frees up space on a wall or a work surface. Electric actuators also allow rotation for optimal adjustment.


...in public and professional places

An increasing number of institutions and companies are investing in comfort equipment to better meet user requirements for ergonomics and well-being. Businesses are challenged with these requirements -  building customer loyalty, meeting government standards, improving employee performance, and establishing a competitive advantage. If the objective is different, the means are often similar: bringing more adjustability to equipment so that users feel good.

Accessibility is also a major concern for institutions that must rethink their furniture to make it usable for everyone, including people with reduced mobility as well as wheelchair users.


Adjustable tables

Adjustable tables and other work surfaces allow users to be more comfortable and to be more efficient in their daily activities. In schools, universities, or conference rooms, adjustable tables allow everyone to adopt an ergonomic and comfortable posture conducive to concentration and productivity.

They also provide users with easy access to certain equipment in public places, such as reception desks or changing tables in public restrooms. 


Interactive screens and adjustable video projectors

Interactive screens and adjustable video projectors are a must for classrooms, conference rooms, cultural venues, museums, and other gathering places. Whether it’s to optimize equipment integration and facilitate its use, or to offer users the possibility to adopt a comfortable posture, electric actuators can fit any situation. Because our actuators provide smooth and precise movements, it is easier to capture the attention of listeners while achieving performance and productivity objectives.


Adjustable screen terminals

Today, many public places have interactive screen terminals that improve the user’s experience. Daily, hundreds of different people use information kiosks in train stations, museums, reception desks, as well as interactive maps in shopping malls. That’s why it is important to ensure that everyone has access to this information. Electric columns adapt to the user’s correct height and provide more comfort.


electric actuators and columns for screens and adjustable kiosks


Massage chairs, salon chairs, waiting room seats

Beauty and hair salons, spas, and other treatment centers create spaces for comfort and well-being. Therefore, it is natural to imagine them having high-performance equipment that meets the demanding expectations of consumers. For example, TiMOTION offers complete movement solutions to equip premium comfort armchairs. In addition to the headrest, backrest, and leg rest adjustments, we also manufacture all types of accessories - massage motors, heating pads, and more - to bring even more functionality to a variety of equipment.



Today's comfort equipment is evolving quickly. That is why it is logical to anticipate the democratization of everyday equipment automation in private and public places, to offer even greater comfort, ergonomics, and accessibility to users.


TiMOTION designs and develops quiet electric motion solutions ideal for indoor environments. We offer our customers complete solutions - actuators and/or columns, control box, hand control, and accessories - for easy and safe adjustments of your comfort equipment.


To find out more about our solutions, please contact a local sales representative!

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