Home Furniture Actuators
In many ways, comfort boils down to customization. A consumer wants the freedom to move into just the right position — and not be strained in the process. TiMOTION understands that better than anyone, which is why we have an impressive selection of electric actuator options ideal for home automation manufacturing. Home furniture actuators make it possible to move with ease until perfectly comfortable. As automated technology becomes more commonplace in the home, original equipment manufacturers and furniture retailers are more inclined to provide electric actuators.

The mechanics behind an electric linear actuator make it ideal for home furniture. Powered by a low-voltage DC motor, an electric linear actuator effectively harnesses its rotational motion, helping a piece of furniture move in various ways, including lifting, tilting, pulling and pushing. In effect, home furniture actuators allow for reclining and other comfort adjustments.


For countless reasons, electric actuators are becoming increasingly common in household furniture, including but not limited to:


Chairs & Sofas
Recliner actuators are found in recliners of all designs, for everyday consumers and those with specific requirements related to mobility issues. The most basic designs allow for easy reclining at the push of a button. More complex models can be installed to allow the user to easily reach an upright standing position without causing strain. These options are ideal for simply being comfortable or for users with limited mobility.


Adjustable bed actuators are commonly used in healthcare facilities but are also found in homes. While often associated with users with limited mobility (think hospital beds that can recline, raise and lift), they are finding their way into general consumer homes. They provide customizable comfort to improve sleep or provide comfort while reading or watching TV in bed.


TV Lifts
Whether it’s for style or functionally, TV lifts are becoming an increasingly popular home decor option for manufacturers of consoles and cabinets.  Using electric column actuators, TVs can be quietly and effortlessly stored away within furniture while not in use with the touch of a button. 

Home furniture actuator manufacturers and consumers see immediate benefits of this technology. Linear motion gives the user the freedom to choose the right position and level of comfort, which is a tremendous added value when used in the home. Furniture equipped with electric actuator mechanisms are easier to use. The simple push of a button can make all the difference. Similarly, this technology means safer use for consumers. Compared with manual reclining and lifting mechanisms, electric actuators remove virtually all strain and significantly reduce the risk of injury during use.


TiMOTION has earned a strong reputation for providing high-quality home furniture actuators. We emphasize quality and customization, putting our manufacturing, industry and consumer clients in control over the end product. TiMOTION is vertically integrated, which means we have the capabilities to fully customize products under the strictest quality standards, compared with other distributors that are limited to standard, non-customizable models. Our vertical integration also means we can be more cost efficient, so you receive high-quality products at prices that are comparatively less expensive than industry standards. In addition to home furniture actuators, we also serve the healthcare, ergonomic and industrial industries. Our staff is committed to providing the best linear motion solutions for your applications – no matter the difficulty. Contact us today to learn more about our impressive product line. 

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