Electric Actuation Systems for Home Automation


The automated home, where equipment adjusts to each user’s needs. The home where everything becomes accessible and easy to use, providing its occupants with functionality, comfort, and safety every day.

Thanks to electric actuation systems, the automated house is no longer a fictional concept and is becoming more and more popular with users. Powerful, compact, and easy to integrate, electric linear actuators are used in many home areas, both indoors and outdoors, in living, sleeping, and sanitary areas.



Why automate the home?

Automating the home improves everyone’s daily life by making equipment more functional, ergonomic, accessible, comfortable, and safe.

It is first and foremost a question of well-being. Electric actuation systems offer the possibility for all users, children, adults, the elderly, or people with reduced mobility to adapt furniture to their physical needs and to benefit from more accessible access equipment.


They allow the adoption of an ergonomic posture that favors the general home comfort and reduces certain musculoskeletal disorders caused by daily movements.

They also facilitate the use of hard-to-reach equipment (pergolas, roof windows, shutters, etc.).


At the same time, electric actuation systems are a response to new consumer expectations regarding interior design and home organization. By intervening in the design of more functional, versatile, and adaptable equipment for everyone, electric linear actuators allow for a reduction in the amount of home furniture and a less cluttered, modern, and wellness-friendly space.

But one of the major factors that drive many homeowners and builders to automate the home is safety. In France, for example, nearly 11 million people are victims of domestic accidents every year. This represents 17 percent of the population[1].


By reducing human intervention through remote control, equipment automation reduces the risk of domestic accidents and provides more safety.



Electric actuation systems inside the home


Electric linear actuators for kitchen equipment

The kitchen is the heart of the house and the place where people live and work together. It is therefore essential that they benefit from multifunctional and adaptable equipment. Here, electric actuators adjust the height of wall storage units, worktops, side tables, and hood operation for easier use and access.


Our selection of TiMOTION electric linear actuators for kitchen

electric linear actuators for kitchen


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Electric linear actuators for living room and bedroom equipment

By providing precise and smooth adjustment of comfort equipment, electric actuation systems offer a higher level of well-being to the home's occupants. Adjusting the height, backrest, or leg rest of your armchairs, sofas, lift chairs, and beds will allow them to adopt an ergonomic posture conducive to relaxation and muscle release. Combined with the right accessories, our complete solutions will turn your products into genuine relaxation equipment.


Our selection of TiMOTION electric linear actuators for living rooms and bedrooms

electric linear actuators for bedrooms


electric linear actuators for bedrooms


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Televisions can also be equipped with an electric lifting system. These systems make it possible to design invisible solutions, concealing the screens inside furniture. This frees up visual clutter and allows users the benefit of a spacious and designer environment.


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Electric linear actuators for bathroom equipment

Narrow and slippery, sanitary spaces are often the site of discomfort, difficulties, and even domestic accidents, especially for children, the elderly, or people with reduced mobility.

Electric linear actuators enable the design of height-adjustable sanitary equipment such as toilets and sinks, facilitating access for all users. They reduce the risk of falling and slipping while also offering more autonomy.


Our selection of TiMOTION electric linear actuators for bathrooms


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Electric linear actuators for work equipment

The period of widespread teleworking has largely demonstrated how vital the work environment and equipment are. Many people have developed musculoskeletal disorders due to the repeated bad postures that are characteristic of this particular period. And, for a good reason. When it comes to work, people are often less well-equipped at home than they are at work.


Whether it is for work or practicing a hobby, adjustable workstations allow users to adopt an ergonomic and comfortable posture, favor concentration, alternate the sit-stand position and reduce muscular fatigue and tension caused by a sedentary life. 


Our selection of TiMOTION electric columns for workstations

electric columns for workstations


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Electric actuation systems outside the home


Electric linear actuators for ventilation and shading systems

Electric actuation systems facilitate the remote control of natural ventilation and shading equipment such as windows, roof windows, blinds, or louvers. Thus, the operation is achieved with simple electric control and allows everyone to adapt their environment to their needs easily.


Combined with intelligent control systems, linear electric actuators allow the design of programmable and autonomous solutions, offering even more functionality and customization. The equipment is adjusted in real-time according to the outside climate, allowing the interior to maintain an optimal environment while limiting heating or air conditioning.


This intelligent temperature management positively impacts both economically and environmentally, which is not insignificant when considering that the building industry is one of the leading energy consumers.

It also offers greater safety, as it allows windows or shutters to be closed remotely when forgotten.


Electric linear actuators for pergolas

Consisting of adjustable and retractable blades similar to louvers, pergolas are easily adjustable with an electric actuation system. With remote control, the electric adjustment becomes accessible to all and offers optimal shade at any time of the day. 


Our selection of TiMOTION electric linear actuators for outdoor living

electric linear actuators for outdoor living


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TiMOTION electric actuation systems

TiMOTION manufactures electric actuation systems specially designed for home equipment automation. We offer our customers a high level of customization to find the perfect solution for their specific needs.


Combined with the right technologies, electric linear actuators bring real added value to your equipment. That's why TiMOTION provides equipment manufacturers with complete turnkey solutions – actuators + control box + hand control + accessories – that are easy to integrate and use. 


Electric actuation systems are a good alternative to pneumatic or hydraulic systems, as they do not risk oil leaks or complications related to pipes or compressors and are maintenance-free.


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