Блоки управления

Общие сведения

  • Battery type: Li-Ion battery

  • Capacity: 2.5Ah / 63Wh

  • Rated output voltage: 25.2V DC

  • Max output current: 15A

  • Rated input voltage: 36V DC (charging cradle), 5V DC (Micro USB)

  • Charging current: 1A (charging cradle), 0.3A (Micro USB)

  • Weight: 490g (without charging cradle)

  • Ambient conditions during operation: 0°C~+40°C at 10%~85% relative humidity

  • Storage temperature: 0°C~+45 °C

  • Thermal switch and overcurrent protection

  • LED indicator and buzzer for battery capacity status

  • Certificate: IEC62133-2:2017

Стандартный размер (mm)


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