Electric Actuator Solutions for Combine Harvesters

The business of farming has been in constant evolution over the last few decades. The increase in population and new consumer habits have raised many challenges for farmers, who have had to modernize their machinery and automate their farms to meet the demand. Not only must agricultural workers meet higher-than-ever production requirements, but they must also face economic and environmental constraints while preserving their safety and animal welfare.



Electric linear actuation: An alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic agricultural systems

Electric linear actuators can meet these challenges. Thanks to intelligent movement and a high level of planning, electric actuators make an essential contribution to the optimization of agricultural processes and enable the practice of precision farming that limits losses and environmental impact.


Traditionally equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic actuators, harvesting equipment is gradually seeing its systems replaced by electric alternatives:

  • Easy to install and operate: Compact and no hose or compressor.

  • High level of control and precision: Synchronous and complex movement with the position sensor.

  • Maintenance-free: No intervention for installation or maintenance.

  • Environment-Friendly: Low energy consumption and no risk of pollution from oil leaking.


TiMOTION’s industrial electrical linear actuator systems are rugged enough to withstand a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions. Because TiMOTION is vertically integrated, we can offer you a cost-efficient alternative to hydraulics and pneumatics. Our customizable industrial linear actuator (electric cylinders/electric actuators) comes with various options and features. These options include stroke, speed, load capacity, IP rating protection, feedback sensors for positioning, program, attachments, and cable length.

Robust and Durable Solutions for Combine Harvesters

TiMOTION's industrial electric actuators are specifically designed for Combine Harvesters. They can withstand extreme conditions and environments exposed to humidity, mud, and bad weather. Their IP69K protection makes them compatible with high-pressure cleaning, which is common in harvesting machinery maintenance. They are robust and durable to operate under heavy loading:

  • Reel of the header: Adjust the position of the reel to the cutter bar

  • Drive belt: Engage and disengage the belt drive

  • Grain tank: Open and close the grain tank covers

  • Unloading auger: Fold and unfold the auger

  • Chopper unit: Engage and disengage the chopper

  • Cabin ladder: Adjust the height and/or orientation of the cabin ladder

Precise and Reliable Adjustments

Depending on the chosen model, our electric linear actuators can be compatible with 12, 24, 36, and 48 volt DC and 110, 220 volt AC power sources. TiMOTION has both ball screw and ACME screw technology in our Industrial electric linear actuator product line.


They can also be equipped with various position sensors, allowing feedback and thus achieving precise and synchronous movement:

  • Spout: Adjust the orientation of the spout

  • Threshing segment: Concave gap adjustment

  • Blower: Air-flow adjustment

  • Sieve: Clearance adjustment; keep the sieve at horizontal level

  • Chaff spreader: Adjust the orientation of the spreader

  • Cabin seat/control: Adjust the height and/or orientation of the cabin seat/control

T-Smart Intelligent Electric Actuators: Streamlined and Advanced Solutions

An actuator with “T-Smart” functionality incorporates an integrated driver board. This allows for enhanced internal functionality without the need for an external control box, simplifying the assembly and performance of the system.


TiMOTION electric actuators equipped with the T-Smart function can program and synchronize actuators. This intelligent feature provides a high level of precision and control, ideal for complex combined harvester actuation systems requiring real-time monitoring and operation. TiMOTION’s innovative “T-Smart” feature is available in two alternatives:

  • T-Smart Advanced

  • T-Smart Bus Communication

All T-Smart alternatives are compatible with TiMOTION’s software program. Easily installed on a computer, these software programs allow users to adjust the actuator’s parameters, such as speed or stroke. Additionally, the software program provides status detections and monitoring to capture usage and performance data for protection, development, or maintenance purposes.

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