Electric Actuator Solutions for Home Desks

Newly modified Work from Home policies have inspired a more blended home environment suitable for work nowadays. The period of widespread teleworking has largely demonstrated how vital the work environment and equipment are. Many people have developed musculoskeletal disorders due to the repeated bad postures that are characteristic of this particular period. And, for a good reason. When it comes to work, people are often less well-equipped at home than they are at work.

Whether it is for work or practicing a hobby, adjustable desks/workstations allow users to adopt an ergonomic and comfortable posture, favor concentration, alternate the sit-stand position, and reduce muscular fatigue and tension caused by a sedentary life.

With over 15 years of experience in electric linear actuation, TiMOTION manufactures electric actuation systems specially designed for ergonomic desk applications. We offer our customers a high level of customization and complete turnkey solutions that are easy to integrate and use for their specific needs:

  • Height-adjustable desk frame kits: electric lifting columns, framing, and a seamless integrated control system

  • Linear actuators / Lifting columns 

  • Control Boxes

  • Hand Controls

  • Accessories

All You Need for Ergonomic Home Desks

TiMOTION is proud to offer a wide range of electric ergo standing desk frame kit solutions to satisfy the unique needs of home desk applications:

  • Single leg frame kits: Flexible solutions for the side table or a mini-dining table/worktop in limited home space

  • Wall-mounted frame kits: Elastic solutions for the simple working desk, bar counter, or dining table in limited home space

  • Two/Three leg frame kits: Classic solutions for the working desk or reading table

  • Four leg frame kits: Versatile solutions for the conventional home office desk, dining table, or kitchen counter

Other great features included with our TEK height-adjustable/ electric rising desk frame kits are:

  • Easy assembly with recyclable packaging 

  • High strength and stability

  • Consistently smooth movements with soft start/stop 

  • Low noise ratings 

  • <0.1W standby power

  • Plug-and-play controls and accessories

Highly Customized Options for Your Desk Applications

With a vertically integrated business model, other than various types of desk frame kits, TiMOTION also offers highly customized options to fit various home interior design styles and lifting needs. 

  • Colors

  • Dimensions

  • Styles of lifting columns, End Pipe, and Foot

  • Strokes

  • Speed

  • Force

  • Software

Multiple Control Options

At TiMOTION, we want to provide you with a complete turnkey solution that is easy to use.
We designed 4 Ergo Control Line styles to choose from: Simple, Classic, Novel, and Touch.

  • Simple: Concise hand control series with neat size

  • Classic: Fully functioning control series with real-time height display and favorite position memory

  • Novel: Innovative control series with unique design and interface

  • Touch: Intuitive control series with touch control panel

With multiple color options available, our Ergo controls also support: 

  • Wireless control

  • TWD1 Bluetooth receiver dongle

  • Charging ports for mobile devices

  • Stand Up PLS app: It allows users to adjust the height of the desk, track their sitting/standing time, calorie consumption, memory settings, and individual goals

Ergonomics and More

Quality and safety are inseparable prerogatives of our electric actuation solutions that we wish to guarantee to our customers. TiMOTION's ergonomic desk solutions provide not only smooth height-adjustable movement but also safety considerations for daily use.

  • Anti-collision system: t-touch

The Anti-collision system allows the electric height-adjustable desk to be stopped in the event of contact with a foreign element (object, person). It provides enhanced safety to your electric height-adjustable desk and prevents user injury or equipment damage. It can be integrated easily into the control system and requires no additional hardware upgrades.

  • Safety lock

The safety lock function can prevent unintentional or accidental touch of the hand control, especially for children. The user needs to hold the safety lock button to unlock the hand control before adjusting the desk's height.

Contact our global team today to find the tailor-made solution for your home desk project!

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