Upgrade Your Office Experience with These Cool New Trends for 2019


With 2018 in the books, it is time to look to the future. When it comes to designing your new office space, this is also true. What worked in the past, may not work now.

2018 was a year full of innovative products, new technologies, and new mindsets. With that in mind, we have taken the time to outline some of our favorite trends for the office coming in 2019.


Going Simple

Last year’s trends included office chairs in flashy and eccentric colors. The trend for 2019 is to take office chairs back to a simpler design and feel. The younger workforce now has a higher work-life balance than any other generation. Taking this into account when it comes to office chairs, they are being designed to look more like a residential living room than a 1980’s office.

Take a cue from Apple. They recently purchased 12,000 new chairs from Barber Osgerby. The new chairs were almost like an afterthought in the design of an office. Here is a great article from Fast Company about how office chairs are being reinvented.


Smart Desks

By this point, most of us have at least tried out a height-adjustable desk. Now, they are getting even smarter by incorporating Bluetooth and smartphone apps to allow you to adjust your desk, set preferences, and track your calories burned by standing.

At TiMOTION, we have created the STAND UP PLS app that does everything mentioned above. Feel free to take a quick look at the video we created that describes this new software.


Personal Space

With most businesses now operating with an open-office concept, it is important to have dedicated spaces for your team to be able to work in a quiet environment. Open offices can become loud and distracting at times. Giving your team members an area they can go to take a phone call or focus on an important project will help increase their productivity without making overall changes to your environment.

Phonebooths started becoming popular around 2016 but are just now starting to get incorporated in office designs. One of our favorites is the Micro Office from Silent Lab.


If you are looking to make a change in your office or designing a new one, be sure to keep in mind these latest trends. Stay simple when it comes to furniture, consider making your height-adjustable desks smarter, and increase the amount of personal space your employees can take advantage of.

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