We offer the opportunity for students to join TiMOTION Europe : See Cassandra’s feedback!




My name is Cassandra and I am a student in management.

I recently completed a four-week internship at TiMOTION Europe, where I worked in collaboration with different subsidiaries around the world.Like the apprentices before, I had the chance to develop my languages skills in several different languages during this month-long internship. 


My main tasks included: finding hotels for exhibitions, researching ideas about Christmas gifts for customers, performing competitive intelligence, updating many documents and writing articles for social networks. Some of my tasks were in English, which enabled me to develop my vocabulary very quickly.


I am surprised about how fast my time has passed here. From the beginning, I was immediately welcomed into the marketing department by all of the staff.

It’s very important to be able to work in a supportive atmosphere such as this. I am sure your future apprentices will be thankful too.


Thank you to all the staff for this internship, for their warmth and supportiveness. Thank you Madame COOPMAN and Madame FERNANDES for your kindness and the confidence you placed in me.




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