The Importance of Ergonomics




Ergonomics, also known as the study of people in the workplace, is the key to company success. The goal of this type of study is to look at a workplace and see if it is designed properly. The results of these studies allow a company to see if they are capitalizing on employee needs and limitations, making sure to maximize their employees' strengths.


Why is that important?

For starters, a poorly designed work environment can create poor results within a company. Employees become fatigued and begin to lose interest in their daily tasks. Lost interest can lead to employee dissatisfaction with their role.


The goal of ergonomics is to fit a job to a worker rather than a worker to a job. This creates greater success for both the employee and the company because it capitalizes on strengths rather than on weaknesses.


Not only that, but these studies look at tools that can benefit a space. At TiMOTION, we can improve a space through our sit-stand desks. This allows employees to adjust their desks to the proper height of the employee and allows them to stand and move around while they work. This improves the overall health of employees.


We offer multiple versions of our sit-stand desks to enhance the ergonomics of office space. The TEK08 is a great choice of desk frame if a limited power supply is available. The TEK22 is a preassembled desk frame, making set up and installation quick and easy.


No matter the office space, we have the solutions to enhance the ergonomics of the space.


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