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Variable height desks have become popular in recent years because they encourage people to stand up more rather than sit down all day long. Sitting for long periods can be devastating to human health. Sitting all the time burns very few calories and may be linked to weight gain and obesity.


By contrast, standing promotes blood circulation and active thinking, improving concentration and communication efficiency.


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With all the available information on how sedentary lifestyles can affect human health, there is no wonder why variable height desks are becoming increasingly more popular in schools and offices.


A variable height desk, also called a stand-up desk, allows you to adjust the desk's height to alternate between sitting and standing.


In this article, we will discuss:

  1. Benefits of variable height desks

  2. How variable height desks are utilized in schools and offices

  3. How to choose good variable height desks



Benefits of variable height desks


Variable height desks come with many health and productivity benefits. Sitting for long periods affects posture and increases the risk of illnesses such as back pain, heart disease, and diabetes.


Backaches and pain are common complaints among office workers. Sitting increases pressure on the disks in the lower back, and it’s unhealthy for the legs and cardiovascular system circulation.


Studies have shown that employees who suffer from chronic back pain benefit significantly from variable height desks.


This is why variable height desks are a great addition, as they can be moved up and down so workers can choose to sit or stand and alternate between the two.


 It appears that using a variable height desk can have impressive benefits for health and also increase productivity.


Accordingly, Apple, Facebook, and other major tech companies in the United States and Europe have begun to adopt variable height desks in the office environment.


Health benefits of variable height desks



How variable height desks are applied in schools and offices


Variable height desks can be used anywhere, from offices to classrooms to computer labs, libraries, and studios. The main challenge with most computer workstations today is that the human body is designed to be in motion, not sitting for extended periods of time.


People naturally need to get out of their chairs and move every hour. Movement is imperative for spinal health, improves blood circulation, and reduces muscle fatigue.


A height-adjustable desk is a great way to achieve more movement. Those who have used height-adjustable desks have experienced less stress and fatigue than those who worked sitting all day.


At work, variable height desks allow users to switch between a standing and seated position while working all day long. In the educational environment, variable height desks enable students of all sizes to use the same desk and stay comfortable.


Using a variable height desk helps create the movement a person needs to improve blood circulation and deliver oxygen to the brain, which increases energy and attentiveness.


By adding variable height desks to an office or educational space, employees or students will be able to change their working or studying position, increase mobility and circulation, and improve their work or study performance.



How to choose a suitable variable height desk


When choosing a variable height desk, it’s essential to inspect your work environment to see what will fit in the allotted space.


Most variable height desks require extra space to move up and down and room for the chair when the user is standing. Choosing a desk with multiple height adjustments allows users to stand and sit while working comfortably.


Even though there are countless manufacturers of variable height desks and equipment throughout the world, TiMOTION is an international leader in manufacturing electric motion-system products.


The most well-known products TiMOTION manufactures are electric actuator controls and electric desk frames.


The hand controls TiMOTION manufactures for variable height desks consist of memory functions that can be adjusted as low as the sitting elbow height and as high as the standing elbow height. This wide range of memory settings allows the user to stand or sit comfortably at all times.



The 3-digit LED screen on the control displays the desk's height in every adjustment. The TWD1 Bluetooth adapter allows remote desk height control via the “STAND UP PLS” app.

TiMOTION: TDH13P Series-Controls

 If you wish to custom-make the color of your hand control, the TDH8P Series can be customized in various colors.

TiMOTION: TDH8P Series-Controls

The electric desk frame TIMOTION manufactures meets users’ needs for a perfect ergonomic workstation. The height-adjustable frame is made from high-grade steel, resistant to stains and scratches.


The powerful motor, coupled with two-stage or three-stage legs, ensures smooth and quiet transitions all day long. Swift multiple movements on the 2-leg TEK22-Series are never a problem because it is equipped with the anti-collision sensor(TCS1) for safety. The <0.1W standby power consumption allows your energy bill to stay green and economical.


Furthermore, the patented pre-assembled frame design effectively reduces the assembly time to only 5 minutes.


TiMOTION: TEK22 Series-Controls


The L-shaped TEK26-Series desk frame is ideal for a corner workstation setup. While the TEK26-Series is made with the same craftsmanship as the TEK22-Series, it can also serve as an add-on piece that smoothly fits the classic TEK22-Series desk frame.


It also comes with accessory options such as a USB charger and wireless charger. No wonder the TEK26-Series desk frame kit is so popular. It creates the additional workspace and ergonomic functionality everyone dreams about.


TiMOTION: TEK26 Series-Controls


 If you find yourself hunched over your workstation for more than eight hours a day, consider getting a variable height desk now! 


Contact TIMOTION at: /en/inquiry/timotion

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