Electric Linear Actuators on Solar Trailers


As people and institutions become more environmentally aware, solar energy is one concept that’s regularly discussed. But what exactly is solar energy, and what kinds of equipment can one use to harness this energy?


Solar energy is the result of light energy being converted into electrical energy. In other words, it generates electricity from sunlight.


The benefits of solar power include a reduction of pollution, lowering of global warming, lowering of electrical costs, and promotion of energy security by relying on an indigenous source of power.


The way that solar power is produced is through the use of photovoltaic solar panels. These panels are positioned outside in such a way as to absorb direct sunlight. They are often laid out in open fields or installed on rooftops.


However, manufacturers continue to find new vehicles for solar panels. This is where the solar trailer comes into play.


Solar trailers are portable vehicles that have solar panels attached to their roofs.  These useful machines harness the power of solar energy in various locations due to their easy portability.


A necessary mechanism on a solar trailer is an electric linear actuator. The actuator allows for different positioning of the solar panel in order to capture the light at the optimal position.


TiMOTION offers several solutions for actuation on solar trailers. Check out our Industrial Motion line for different options on how to equip your industrial solar trailers.

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