3 Ways to Improve Your Yacht


As technology continues to develop, we are seeing a greater need for linear actuators and lifting column resources. From medical equipment to furniture applications, linear actuators and lifting columns enhance these tools and make them more efficient and reliable.


Linear actuators and lifting columns are a rather versatile resource. They are great for day to day use and to enhance luxurious experiences. With the capabilities of these resources, we are seeing that there is a higher demand to use these for luxury marine applications.


The recreational marine industry is a strong and growing industry. In 2012 alone, Americans spent about $36 billion on boats, supplies, and boating accessories. The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) found that about 88 million adults in the United States enjoy recreational boating and marine activities each year, with numbers increasing yearly.

Yachts are utilizing linear actuators and lifting columns more and more. From adjustable seating to table lifts, our solutions make yachts even more enjoyable to use. These tools allow you to truly customize your boating experience, and as we can see, this is becoming necessary for the recreational applications of the population.


TV Lifts

TV Lifts are great for using on a yacht. These tools allow you to hide your television when you don’t want it around and raise it when you do. It also allows you to adjust the height of the television to maximize your viewing capabilities.


The TVL3 is perfect for adjusting and concealing your television. This lift is available in three sizes, allowing you to customize based on your tv size. The TVL3 can lift a maximum load of 135lbs and is RoHS certified. Not only that, but it also has an adjustable mounting bracket, making it easy to set up your TV just the way you want.



Adjustable seating is great to enhance the comfort of your boat. Electric linear actuators can allow you to adjust head and backrests in boat seating.


Our TA2 and TA2P actuators are compact and perform excellently in an outdoor environment. They can resist the harsh outdoor elements that are present in a marine environment, keeping your adjustable seating performing at its best.


You can also utilize our MA5 for seating applications. The MA5 is set up for harsh working environments, with the power to push up to 785 pounds. It comes with IP69K protection, making it resistant to water, dust, and other solid contaminants. It also has a duty cycle of up to 25 percent.  Being a compact linear actuator as well, our customers can save space on their boating applications.


The TA16 is another ideal actuator for seating applications. This electric linear actuator is great for low-noise applications that require IP66 protection. You can also add features like hall sensors for position feedback if requested.


Yacht Hatches

Our MA2 is specifically designed for applications facing harsh working environments. Its IP69K protection ensures it can withstand high-pressure water jets, dust, and other solid contaminants. It also has the option for Reed switches to be able to adjust the stroke length. Due to its durability, this electric linear actuator is perfect for yacht trap doors.


Table Lifts

Since there is limited space in a yacht, maximizing it is key. Table lifts are the perfect solution to do just that. The TL3 columns from TiMOTION are perfect for this application. Their rectangular shape gives the system great stability, perfect for the movement of a yacht in the water. It also has the options for potentiometer (POT), hall sensors, and direct cut systems.


At TiMOTION, we make sure that our actuators and lifting columns are ideally suited for yachts and other marine applications. Saltwater and sun exposure are tough on equipment, so we make sure to test our linear actuators and lifting columns for marine applications to withstand those environmental constraints.

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