Kits voor in hoogte verstelbare bureaus

Elektrisch bureauframe TEK22-TiMOTION

With attention to details and functionality, the TEK22 is undeniably the most popular model because it meets all the needs for a perfect ergonomic workstation. It has a sturdy steel construction with a slim and clean look. It runs fast and smooth but is also quiet and safe.  Anti-collision is essential, so the TEK22 already comes with it. While enjoying the benefit of a sit-stand desk, <0.1W standby power consumption allows you to stay green and also save on the bill. 

Furthermore, the patented preassembled packaging design can effectively reduce your assembly time on location. It takes only 5 minutes to assemble this frame! 

Algemene kenmerken

  • Max. belasting: Tot 120kg*

  • Constante snelheid: 3-delige kolom: tot 40mm/s*; 2-delige kolom: tot 33mm/s*

  • Type frame: Elektrisch bureauframe met dubbele motor

  • Gewicht van het pakket: 33~40kg*

  • Stand-by vermogen: <0.1W

  • Accessoires: USB-lader (TFA1/TFA3), Antibotsingssensor (TCS1), Draadloze lader (TWC)

  • Meerdere kolom- en afstandsbedieningsopties

  • Hoge sterkte en stabiliteit - Stalen frame

  • Voorgemonteerde ergonomische kit - Snelle montage

  • *verandert afhankelijk van de gekozen componenten

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