TA31QR Ensures Safe Patient Handling with The Quick Release

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The TA31QR is a new electric actuator equipped with a quick-release function, which enables an emergency release of the backrest in hospital beds. This new functionally allows hospital staff to lower bed backrests in a hurry in case of emergencies or power failure. It‘s also used to quickly position the patient horizontally in case he needs CPR.


Several other features make the TA31QR useful for the healthcare environment. The TA31QR actuator can deliver a push force up to 5000N and has IP66W protection. It has push only and safety nut functionalities. The push only option prevents blocking and crushing of foreign objects or body parts when lowering the medical device. The safety nut is a precaution against the potential failure of the main nut to prevent accidents.


It can provide multiple output signal options as a spindle set hall sensor, hall sensor on the motor, or Potentiometer. With these options, the actuator can continue to send position feedback even if the quick release is used. The user can maintain an accurate position without performing a reset.


It can also be equipped with a Potentiometer for other applications.


All of these functions allow the nursing staff to provide complete care for their patient, ensuring security and optimal comfort.


Our Complete Solution for medical beds:

Equip your hospital bed with easily controllable electric actuators to increase the autonomy of people requiring care, and to help improve the working conditions of nurses: use our TA31QR for the backrest, TA31 for leg rest, and TA23 for High low function.


Connect our actuators to our TC21 control box and operate it with our intuitive control, TH12, to adjust the positions for optimal comfort in the medical bed.


For more information, feel free to contact us.

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