Electric Actuators for Industrial Opening Systems

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Industrial automation: discover the VN range of industrial electric actuators!

Easy to integrate and use, they will provide reliable and precise electric movement to your opening, ventilation, and shading systems for optimal industrial, agricultural, and tertiary building operations management.



Electric linear actuators for industrial opening systems


Compatible with most control systems, the VN1 and VN2 electric linear actuators have been specially developed for window openings, smoke and heat extraction systems, natural ventilation and shading systems, and opening panels.


Programming simple functions such as extension, retraction, or stroke adjustment allow equipment automation and ease industrial, agricultural, and tertiary buildings management (temperature, air quality, smoke, or toxic gases evacuation in case of an incident).


The VN range offers devices of different strengths and sizes to suit all needs and installation spaces. It has a load capacity of up to 3,500 N and a stroke of 20 to 500 mm, allowing the operation of any opening system, even the heaviest. Our devices are available in both 12 and 24 V direct current. The VN1 electric actuator is also available in 100 or 240 V alternating current.

This actuator also has rod end bearing and trunnion system, making it even easier to integrate and maintain the final equipment's aesthetics.


The electric actuators of the VN range can be equipped with IP66 ingress protection allowing them to be used in harsh industrial environments with dust and water projections.

They also have optional Hall effect sensors that allow position feedback and thus synchronize two devices for a completely smooth movement.







High quality extruded aluminum

High quality extruded aluminum

  • Synchronization programming: up to 8 actuators
  • Configurable stroke and speed
  • Real-time monitoring of the actuator status
  • Integrated and programmable safety devices
  • Customized service for applications requiring BUS communication
  • Option available on the VN1



Max. load capacity

Push/pull : 3,500 N

Push/pull : 500 N

Max. speed at X N

5.1 mm/s - at 1,000 N

4.2 mm/s - at 3,500 N

8.35 mm/s - at 500 N


20~500 mm

20~500 mm

Retracted length

≥ 401 mm (AC version)
≥ 181 mm (DC version)
(depending on chosen options)

≥ Stroke + 189 mm


12 / 24 V DC
or 100 / 240 V AC

12 / 24 V DC or 12 / 24 V DC
with thermal protector


Classic attachment, rod end bearing or trunnion system

Classic attachment

IP (optional)



Sensors (optional)

Hall effect sensors

Hall effect sensors


Safety nut, window seal mechanism, available in T-SMART version





Operational temperature range

-15° C ~ + 50° C

-30 ˚C ~ + 65 ˚C



VN1 T-SMART intelligent actuator for even more functionality


The VN1 electric actuator also features the innovative T-SMART function. Its onboard microcontroller can program and synchronize up to 8 actuators, saving space and making installation much easier.


This feature allows for intelligent operation and offers a wide range of configuration options: precise stroke extension and retraction, current limit, soft start, and soft stop, position feedback, synchronization of multiple motors, real-time monitoring of actuator status, and customized service for applications requiring BUS communication.



VN industrial electric actuators: a response to energy requirements


In the current context where cost reduction, energy impact, comfort, and safety are priorities for any construction project, the range of VN industrial electric actuators for opening systems makes it possible to meet these new requirements.


Electric linear actuators offer autonomous and real-time equipment management combined with intelligent management systems equipped with light and temperature sensors. They operate according to the outdoor climate and make it possible to maintain, indoors, an optimal environment while limiting the use of heating or air conditioning.



TiMOTION industrial electric actuator systems


For over 15 years, TiMOTION has provided quality, UL73 and CE-LVD certified electric motion devices to manufacturers of opening, ventilation, and shading systems. We offer 100 percent customizable solutions to your application needs and adapt stroke, speed, load capacity, program, protection, attachments, and cable length to your specifications.


Electric linear actuators are a good alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic systems, as they have no risk of fluid leakage or other compressor-related problems. They are maintenance-free and have a long service life.


Do you want to start your automation project? Contact your local sales department!


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