Electric Actuators For Emergency Vehicles

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Since the beginning of human existence, humans have always been confronted with the flail of fire. Populations have spontaneously and voluntarily joined together to prevent its appearance and help its extinction.


The fight against fires was managed by individuals of a community such as church members, craftsmen, merchants, and finally, building corporations.


Fire management was previously entrusted to the royal and middle-class watchmen who represented security units to the municipal magistrates. Police orders required homeowners to have a jug of water (large container) near their door. No additional information was provided about the way to proceed and what to do in case of a fire.


In the past, the average person was responsible for taking charge of fires to avoid the destruction of their entire village or city.


The evolution of technological developments has made it possible to train volunteer and professional firefighters to deal with any type of incident. The equipment has also evolved and became more efficient year after year.


No matter the context, whether it be fire management, traffic accidents, domestic incidents, mountain rescue, hazardous environments, or other emergencies (floods, risk of collapse, gas leakage), firefighters must be able to adapt their techniques and equipment.


Why You Should Integrate Electric Linear Actuators into Your Equipment?

New technologies, such as electric actuators, are important to the vehicle market. The ability for emergency vehicles to help in dangerous situations is important both today and in our future, creating a challenge we continue to work toward enhancing with evolution in technology.


Electric actuators are the ideal alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic solutions because users don’t have to worry about problems related to pipes, compressors, or oil leaks. Moreover, they don’t require any maintenance.


TiMOTION offers reliable, solid, and durable solutions with no maintenance.

TiMOTION and its electric actuator technology contribute to these improvements through unique and specific dedicated applications.


Dedicated Applications

TiMOTION offers complete solutions that can be adapted to a wide range of applications related to emergency vehicles: road rescue vehicles, tankers, rescue and victim assistance vehicles, vehicles with ladders, and stretchers.


  • Emergency vehicles and adjustable light panels


For rescue vehicles, electric actuators allow the user to perform and accomplish tasks such as installing panels and illuminating signs during a traffic accident.

Our MA1 or MA2 electric actuators can be used to adjust warning signs to quickly inform motorists about the current accident and ensure everyone’s safety.


With their respective max load capacities of 4,500N and 8,000N, the MA1 and MA2 allow the management of these kinds of panels. Their self-locking force will allow them to withstand strong winds if necessary. They will also ensure effective communication throughout the intervention.


  • Fire Trucks


Electric actuators installed on rotating fire hose systems allow users to orient them in the desired direction to optimize water projection and extinguish fires. The MA5 is developed for this need thanks to its IP69K rating. This increased protection against debris allows it a high resistance against water jet and other corrosive contaminants.


  • Rescue vehicles and stretchers

Assisting victims remains the main concern for fire and rescue services. The medical equipment present in the vehicle allows rescue crews to bring the necessary and reliable care to victims, as well as to evacuate them to a hospital.



Our electric actuators can also be used to equip electric stretchers that can be tilted, height adjusted, and move a person to an appropriate angle.

This stretcher system allows emergency crews to quickly put the victim in the emergency vehicle while ensuring the health of the operators.


The stretcher can also be equipped with a TA31QR to adjust the position of the back and in case of an emergency, lower it very quickly in order to administer the necessary care.

The TA31 can be used to adjust the position of the legs and finally, the TA37 can adjust the height of the stretcher. Our handset, the TMH16, controls this entire system connected to a TC14. A TBB7 backup battery is also recommended to keep the system up and running.


All the equipment aims to improve the efficiency of firefighters during incidences and accidents where the lives of individuals can quickly be endangered.


The characteristics of our products such as the IP69K, their robustness, their speed, and little to no maintenance they require, make them particularly reliable components and adapted to the industrial environment. They meet the standards of safety and resistance that this type of environment requires in the face of extreme conditions (support of heavy loads, bad weather, corrosive products, dust).


The electric actuators can equip all emergency vehicles.


Emergency vehicles may have mobile temporary solar panels in the event of a power outage. In this case, our electric actuators will adjust the panels according to solar exposure to maximize electricity production.


Emergency vehicles, like fire trucks, can also have electromechanical stretcher-type equipment for easy patient care.


To learn more about our advanced technology or how to equip your vehicles, contact TiMOTION.

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