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High-value Lifting Column For Ergonomic Desks | TL30K - TiMOTION

TiMOTION’s TL30K series is a high-value, cost-effective lifting column designed explicitly for ergonomic desks, work tables, and other height-adjustable systems.   Multiple TL series lifting columns can be easily connected to compatible TC series control boxes, supporting synchronous movement with a press of a button on the supported TH / TDH series controls. All Ergo Motion TC series control boxes have a standby power option of less than 0.1W to reduce power consumption. Our wide range of columns and controls offer modular solutions to satisfy customers’   project requirements for a variety of work environments, providing smooth and quiet operation of any worksurface. 

The TL30K has a rectangular, two-stage telescopic profile, designed with a narrow-top, and wide-bottom. 

Caratteristiche Generali

  • Carico massimo: 600 N (spinta)

  • Velocità a massimo carico: 31mm/s

  • Velocità massima a vuoto: 38mm/s

  • Lunghezza minima: Standard (compatible with foot): 645mm
    Extended (compatible with shoe): 665mm

  • Dimensioni del tubo esterno: 90*60mm rettangolare

  • Stadi: 2 stadi

  • Corsa: 500mm

  • Segnale in uscita: Sensori di Hall

  • Tensione motore: 24V DC

  • Colore: Nero, bianco, grigio, colori speciali

  • Con alloggiamento del motore

Dimensioni standard (mm)


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