Industry is modernising, equipment adapts with automated systems


The Egyptian Pyramids have become one of the most colossal construction projects in history. Realised with rudimentary means and very simple tools, their construction took place over several decades and required the involvement of thousands of men. The task was very painful for these poorly equipped workers and presented many risks for their health. Today, technical resources have evolved and have greatly facilitated the implementation of construction projects.




With the sharp increase of the population, the demand for new housing is increasing and delivery times are shortening. Not only do the manufacturers have to respond to higher production, often in very difficult working environments (moisture, dirt, dust), but they also face new environmental standards while preserving staff safety. Taking these new parameters into account, the industry is modernising. Automating equipment to improve efficiency and achieve objectives has become a major challenge for any company.


Why should you switch to electric linear actuators in construction?

  • For more performance and productivity

Electric linear actuators allow equipment to perform more efficiently with more versatility, robustness and speed. They also offer an ergonomic upgrade to meet the needs of the user by ensuring reliability and safety. They are specially designed to withstand the repetition of mechanical movements and to

support heavy loads.

  • For more adaptability and customization

Each industry requires several specific requirements and requires a high level of customization. TiMOTION offers customizable solutions with many options and features that meet everyone’s needs. The actuators compact designs take up little space and are easily integrated into numerous equipment.

  • For more precision and speed

The automation of construction equipment reduces human and time intervention, repair time and the risk of errors. TiMOTION offers solutions to improve accuracy and speed thanks to software integrated into the control box which coordinates all the motion mechanisms in a synchronized and safe manner.

  • For more safety and comfort

While it is true that equipment must meet industrial needs (lift, move, dig), it must also meet those of the user. Working on construction sites can be painful for the workers and represents health risks. The goal in automating construction vehicles is to bring more comfort to the user. TiMOTION offers solutions that automatically adjust the hoods, steps and seats, and dispenses unnecessary and uncomfortable physical movements. Safety and comfort are the priorities on a construction site. The long hours sitting in the seat of a construction machine require durable, reliable and comfortable equipment. Thanks to our actuators and gear motors, the user will be able to adjust the height of his

seat and work in a comfortable position.

  • For more reliability and less maintenance

Electric linear actuators are a good alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic actuators since they do not have any issues with pipes or compressors and oil leaks. Thus, they require little or no maintenance. TiMOTION offers reliable, robust and long-lasting solutions with almost no maintenance.


Some concrete applications


TiMOTION offers complete solutions that adapt to a multitude of construction-related applications: construction vehicles, lifting equipments, adjustable platforms, off-road vehicles, etc.

  • Off-road vehicles and adjustable road signs

For off-road vehicles for example, the actuators will allow the user to perform certain tasks, such as raising or lowering signs without physically intervening. Thus, it gains efficiency, speed and preserves its comfort by avoiding unnecessary risks. The actuator MA5 is particularly suitable for this type of application since it is designed to work in very difficult environments. Optional, the grease chamber also allows increased protection of the inner tube and thus, fights against corrosion due to chemicals. The MA2 also has robustness and durability, but can also be equipped with Reed sensors that allow the user to adjust its course.



  • Automated construction machinery

Construction vehicles and other construction machines can also be equipped with a multitude of actuators or gear motors to power up mechanical movements and allow the user to adjust the equipment to his/her needs (seat, ladder, hood…). TiMOTION’s JP3 and JP4 linear electric actuators are compact actuators that fit tight spaces and can support high loads and speeds. They can be equipped with Hall sensors to adjust their positioning by synchronizing all the movement mechanisms of the machines. Our TGM gear motors are ideal for adjusting seats.




From ancient Egypt to the present day, the construction means have changed. Today, efficiency and safety are priorities. We must adapt to industrial needs as well as to the user. TiMOTION offers solutions for construction, adapted to extreme conditions (repeated movements, humidity, dirt, dust, heavy loads, high pressure jets…). Electric actuators have become an effective alternative to pneumatic or hydraulic actuators, and are now essential in the industry.

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