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Linear Actuator For Agriculture With IP69K | MA6 - TiMOTION

Engineered by a unique design by TiMOTION, the MA6 series linear actuator is an excellent solution for applications that require heavy duty and incredible durability. Offering a high degree of protection up to IP69K, the MA6 can be constructed to withstand high-pressure water jets, ingress of dust, and other solid contaminants. Depending on the user’s application requirements, the MA6 is customizable with a variety of feedback options for improved control and accuracy of motion. Robust, solid, and powerful, the MA6 is ideal for agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications such as combine harvesters, balers, lawn mowers, material handling equipment, livestock ventilation systems, and much more.

Recursos gerais

  • Carga máxima: 8 000 N (impulso/tração)

  • Velocidade máxima com carga máxima: 6.2mm/s

  • Velocidade máxima sem carga: 64mm/s

  • Dimensão mínima de instalação: ≥ Curso + 162mm

  • Classe de protecção (IP): IP69K

  • Curso: 25~1000mm

  • Saídas de sinal: Hall sensor(s), mechanical Pot., adjustable Reed switch, NPN Hall sensors

  • Tensão máxima do motor: 12/24V CC; 12/24V CC (PTC)

  • Intervalo de temperatura de funcionamento: -40˚C~ +85˚C

  • Intervalo de temperatura operacional com desempenho total: +5°C~+45°C

  • Função manual

Standard Dimension (mm)


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