VN1 T-Smart: An Intelligent Electric Linear Actuator To Integrate Your Opening Systems


The industry is developing quickly, and the needs of operators and users are becoming more and more specific.

In search of ever more autonomy and efficiency, professionals want components that will meet their automation needs while guaranteeing reliability, efficacy, and energy efficiency.

To meet those new needs, TiMOTION has developed an intelligent technology for the VN1 dedicated to opening systems: The T-Smart.

Innovative, it has an embedded controller. This configuration saves space, reduces installation time, and is easy to use!

The T-Smart also allows the programming and synchronization of movements.

Customizable, a variety of configuration choices are possible for the VN1, smart edition: precise adjustment of stroke extension and retraction, current limit, soft start, and soft stop, position feedback, synchronization of multiple motors, real-time monitoring of actuator status, customized service for applications requiring CAN bus and more.


Our product is available in 3 different versions to meet a wide range of requirements.


Comparison of the 3 VN1 linear actuators







100~240V AC

12/24V DC 

12/24V DC





Gear box size (mm) 

Large (382)

Medium (252)

Small (184)

Technical features

  • Max. load : 3 500N (push / traction)

  • Max. speed at full load: 4.2 mm/s (under 3 500N)

  • Max. speed without load : 10.4mm/s

  • Minimum retracted length (front attachment included): ≥ 181 mm (version DC, without T-Smart), ≥ 401 mm (version AC)

  • IP rating: up to IP66

  • Stroke: 20~500 mm

  • Options: Hall sensor(s), safety nut, window seal mechanism

  • Color: black, grey

  • Operational temperature range: -15°C~ 50°C

  • Operational temperature range at full performance: +5°C~+45°C


Thanks to its different versions and technical features, two configurations are possible:

  • Classic VN1: Directly plugged into your customer’s PLC, it allows the programming of basic functions such as extension, retraction, and stroke adjustment.

  • VN1 T-Smart: Allows the synchronization of 8 actuators: a main actuator that will manage 7 secondary actuators with the embedded control. This system is the right choice to synchronize all opening systems between time-saving, ease of installation, command, and programming.

Speed, stroke, voltage… It is possible to set up numerous parameters.


Available in classic or smart versions, the VN1 is adaptable to numerous configurations in alternative or direct current.



Discover some applications below:


Window openings

Thanks to the VN1, window openings remain very aesthetic and easy to manage.  It is discreet and perfectly adapted for limited space applications with an attachment on the outer tube. 

The synchronization, thanks to our smart system, allows the simultaneous opening of many window openings. Combined with a global management system integrating wind or rain sensors, adjustments can be automated.


Natural heat and smoke exhaust systems

Ventilation is essential for maintaining a healthy environment and is even easier to manage when automated with the VN1.

Combined with global systems integrating heat or smoke sensors, the VN1 makes the ventilation automated for autonomous management.


Sunshade systems

Increasingly driven by energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, and user comfort, new buildings, both public and private, incorporate advanced technologies such as sunshades.

By combining the VN1 T-Smart with global systems incorporating light sensors, motorized and even autonomous adjustments are easily achieved.

The intelligent system will allow you to synchronize multiple devices for even easier management.


Truck opening panels

Mobile equipment also tends to offer more comfort to users. Many have already replaced pneumatic technology with electric systems to facilitate opening adjustment to meet these new requirements.

By clicking on a simple button and thanks to electric actuator synchronization, a truck’s opening panel opens or closes alone, smoothly, and the occupant can already get on with other tasks that require their full attention.


To learn more about the VN1 T-Smart actuator, contact a member of our sales team!

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