MA3: An Industrial-Strength Actuator to Get The Job Done


TiMOTION’s new Industrial Motion solution, the MA3 electric linear actuator, was made to get the job done for various applications – including agricultural and material handling – where a tough and powerful actuator is needed.


The MA3 is the most powerful actuator in TiMOTION’s MA series. Currently, it affords a maximum 10,000N force (push/pull) with increased load options to be released in the future. It is specifically designed for heavy-duty applications and harsh working environments where durability is required. 


Maximum Powered, Heavy-Duty


With a standard duty cycle of 25 percent at full load, the MA3 is well suited to industrial applications. With a standard stroke range of 25mm to 1,000mm, the MA3 permits tremendous adaptability for an application’s needs. The MA3’s flexible design elements allow for easy integration without sacrificing power.


The MA3 electric linear actuator has optional Reed switches along the outer tube, allowing users to adjust the stroke length. Depending on an application's requirements, the MA3 can be customized with many different feedback options for improved control and accuracy of motion, such as Hall Effect Sensors, Potentiometer, and other onboard electronics.


TiMOTION has designed an industrial electric actuator series line with a high capacity, various position feedback options, and IP ratings that fit modern material handling applications. TiMOTION’s industrial line actuators can easily be integrated into any existing system, making material handling equipment easier to operate for better performance.


MA3 Key Features


  • Max. Load: 16,000N (push/pull)

  • Multiple Position Feedback Options

  • Wide Range of Operation Temperatures

  • Certificate: UL73, EMC

  • IP rating: IP69K


Heavy-Duty MA3 Applications


Electric actuators are now essential in the management of agricultural processes. They make it possible to optimize farms' profitability and meet the growing demand while remaining competitive.


The robust MA3 is ideal for driving the highest loads for an array of agricultural machinery. Harvesters, spreaders, grain handlers, combines, and tractors are all agricultural machines that can utilize our most powerful electric linear actuators.


The commercial and industrial applications of the MA3 include commercial lawn mowers, scrubbers, sweepers, and material handling equipment. Electric actuators are an innovative solution for intralogistics. The MA3 is a particularly great choice for conveyor systems.


Coming Soon: T-Smart Function, Intelligent Movement


Look for the MA3 to join its sister MA series actuators, MA2 and MA4, to offer intelligent movement through TiMOTION’s innovative T-Smart feature. The MA3 will have a built-in circuit board with a microprocessor that can operate without a control box with the T-Smart option.


TiMOTION’s T-Smart feature allows up to eight (8) actuators to be easily programmed and synchronized. The actuators’ strokes and speeds can be configured through a simple computer program, which also allows the integration and programming of various safety devices, as well as real-time monitoring of the actuators’ status. TiMOTION offers customized services for applications requiring BUS communication.


Both the classic and smart versions of the MA3 are designed with optional IP ratings of up to IP69K or IP66D. This makes the linear actuator exceptionally efficient in a demanding industrial environment protecting the actuator from dust or solid components, high-pressure water jets, harsh chemicals and contaminants, and intensive cleaning.


TiMOTION supplies UL73 and EMC-recognized actuators compatible with most control systems. They are 100 percent customizable according to the application's needs, as we adapt stroke, speed, load capacity, program, protection, attachments, and cable length to users' specifications.


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