Customize Your Linear Actuation System with Accessories




Since TiMOTION is the industry expert in regards to electric linear actuators and their common applications, we are able to offer a diverse range of accessories to enhance your overall application with just a few additional modifications. We are proud to offer both electric linear actuators and accessories that are tailored to best fit your project's needs. TiMOTION manufactures components and parts that are customizable, economical, heavy-duty, and easy to integrated into your specific application. 


All of the accessories that TiMOTION offers can be used within nearly any application, but there are often common application integrations where TiMOTION's accessories are typically found.


Ergo Motion Accessories

When you think of ergonomic applications, most likely you will think of a height-adjustable desk or workstation found in an office or workshop area. While TiMOTION does offer height-adjustable columns and electric frame kit solutions, we also have accessories that can substitute some of the heftier models if you are looking to integrate your own metal extrusions in the finished project.


The TBS1, TBS2, TBS3, and TBS4 Series are deconstructed spindle components that were specially designed to work with TiMOTION's TGM Series. Some users may purchase a variation of spindles and gear motors from TiMOTION to pair with their own column extrusions to create two, three, four, or six leg adjustable desk systems. The flexibility of pairing a spindle with a gear motor outside of TiMOTION's lifting column product line allows for a new level of customization. 


If you desire a charging port that will support wireless charging, consider our TWC Series. This sleek accessory can be installed on the tabletop and works effectively to charge your mobile device. 


Comfort Motion Accessories

You will often see TiMOTION's home furniture accessories already integrated into your recliner or adjustable bed. These accessories come in many forms but are all fun options to add to your application for a more efficient user experience. 


The TFA1 Series is a USB charging port that can be installed right into your home furniture or recliner for easy charging of devices. The TFA1 has dual USB charging outlets that fit most devices found in the home. Now it is simple enough to charge your smartphone without even needing to leave your reclined position!


The TMM, TMM2, TMM3and TMM4 Series are vibration massage motors most commonly used in home furniture for a more relaxing experience. The TMM and TMM4 are best suited for adjustable beds, and the TMM2 and TMM3 are better suited for recliners and leisure chairs. 


The TRF and TRF2 accessories are the receivers for wireless handsets. While these can be used by medical professionals in hospital bed applications for use with wireless controls, the TRF2 can be used with Bluetooth capabilities so you can connect your home furniture with a tablet or smartphone that has control capabilities. 


If you invest in the TVL3 television lift, the TSS safety strip accessory is crucial to ensure proper operation of the lift at all times. The safety strip limits the movement of the actuator when it is bumped, so as to protect the user while operating the lift. 


And if you enjoy sitting in your favorite recliner and reading a book, the TRL1 accessory may be essential, depending on the lighting situation in your home. This reading light has a flexible neck that adjusts depending on your needs, and the LED light mounts directly into the armchair. 


Care Motion Accessories

A very crucial aspect of all medical equipment is the amount of control a medical professional has over the equipment at all times. It's crucial for a nurse, doctor, or aide to stop motion-equipped chairs, beds, lifts, and tables at the touch of a button or switch.


The TEB Series is an emergency button that is crucial for medical beds, patient hoists, and other healthcare furniture where a patient is being handled. If a situation occurs in which the motion of a medical application must be immediately halted, this button accessory is crucial to ensure the medical professional has control of the situation. 


Similarly, the TEB2 Series acts as an external switch for emergency situations in which the power needs to be cut off immediately. 


The TLB Series is also used for complete control of the actuator system. This lockbox is used in medical environments so that both the actuator and the handset can be locked when activated. This is the perfect way to ensure protection for the patient, and complete control for the nurse or attendant's handset even when it is not under supervision. 


The TNC Series is an emergency message receiver that caretakers will appreciate for home care bed applications. It features three indicator lights that alert the user for disconnection issues, patient assistance alarms, and low battery indication. It can also be integrated with hand controls and used for the nurse calling system in hospitals as well. 


Additionally, there are some practical accessories for your medical actuator systems that ensure total safety and ease of use for both the patient and the caregiver. 


The TBL Series is commonly seen in medical beds, at the bottom of the bed so that nurses and other medical staff are able to able to see to avoid collisions when moving the patient. 


The TCR Series is a cable reel that will assist your application's cable management in regards to your control box's AC cable. When it comes to medical applications, cable management is crucial to keep cables properly organized and out of the way to prevent a loss of power or system malfunctions due to cable disconnection or entanglement.


The TYC and TYC2 Series are “Y” cables that allow multiple hand controls or motors to be connected to one actuation system. These are essential when an application's design requires two handsets for operation, such as a medical bed that requires a patient hand control and a nurse's panel. Similarly, the TJB2 Series, also known as a junction box, allows multiple actuators and handsets to work together in the same application seamlessly. 



TiMOTION's accessory line is continuously expanding in order to continue to offer our customers additional customization options for their applications. With the right accessories, a complete linear motion system can be improved significantly with added safety features and other optional enhancements.  Accessories are perfectly compatible with our systems, making them the ideal option for manufacturers in any industry. For more information on TiMOTION's extensive product line, contact us online.

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