A New TC12AC Control Box with An Integrated AC Plug and A Battery Alarm


TiMOTION TC12AC is an evolution of our TC12 control box. It’s equipped with an AC plug, to allow users to connect supply mains directly and it has a battery alarm to inform when the battery has a lower capacity remaining. The detachable battery can be recharged easily.


Our TC12AC is available with or without a screen, according to your needs.


Designed for medical applications, especially patient hoist devices, this control box can connect up to three actuators. It allows users to manage the position of the patient.


Discover our relevant range of electric actuators and handsets suitable for a patient hoist system :


For the leg adjustment and angle of a sling:

  • TA16:
    • 3500N in push
    • IP66
    • Hall sensors or potentiometer
  • TA29:
    • 4500N in push
    • IP66W
    • Hall sensors

Actuators with the manual release for the lifting:

  • TA23:
    • 8000 N
    • IP66W
    • Hall sensors
  • TA36:
    • 10000N in push
    • IP66W
    • Hall sensors
  • TA37:
    • 12000N in push
    • IP66W
    • Safety nut, Hall sensors

Handset for position management :

  • Our TMH3 handset can connect up to four actuators and is available in IP66 protection. The cable is detachable to the handset.
  • Our TH10 is capable of connecting up to four actuators and has an IP rating of up to IP66.

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