5 Things You Wish You Knew about Sit-Stand Desks


As we advance in our careers and work long hours, it is important to find time to balance work and health. Sit-stand desks are becoming a solution in many office spaces to enhance the health of their employees.


Here are 5 things you wish you knew about sit-stand desks to help you live a healthier lifestyle:


1. Standing Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain

  • It has been proven that about 44% of office workers have gained weight in their current position. Standing allows you to burn an additional 50 calories per hour. It adds up!

2. Standing Lowers Your Risk of Developing Diseases

  • Standing lowers the risks of developing diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and many more. Since standing increases activity levels, you are less likely to be at risk for these diseases.

3. Standing Could Help You Live Longer

  • Studies have found a correlation between increased sitting times and early death. One study even showed that if you reduce your sitting time to 3 hours in a day, the American life expectancy would increase by about 2 years.

4. Reduces Back Pain

  • 80% of adults will experience back pain at some point in their life. Standing for about one hour per workday can reduce upper back and neck pain by about 54%.

5. Standing Desks Improve Mood and Energy Levels

  • In a one-week study, participants using sit-stand desks reported feeling less stressed and fatigued than those who sat during their entire workday.


At TiMOTION, we offer a multitude of sit-stand desks. Our desks are the perfect solution to quickly integrate these health benefits into your daily life.


Click here to see our Frame Kit Solutions to quickly integrate these desks into your office space.

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