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Ergonomic And Economical Lifting Column For Work Tables | TL14S

TiMOTION’s TL14K series lifting columns are principally designed for use in ergonomic desks and worktables. Using multiple TL series lifting columns with compatible TC series control boxes and TH / TDH series controls, work surfaces can be controlled quietly and smoothly with synchronous movement. Our wide range of columns offers customers the solutions they require to satisfy their project requirements.

The TL14K has a two-stage telescopic outer tube that is designed for a narrow-top, wide-bottom round appearance.


  • 최대 부하: 600N (push)

  • 최대 속도 정격 부하 시: 31mm/s

  • 최대 속도 무 부하시: 38mm/s

  • 최소 취부거리: 645mm

  • 외형 도면: 2단 , Ø70mm 원형

  • 행정: 500mm

Standard Dimension (mm)

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